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Lockerpoint BV - Terms and Conditions (November 2017)

Here at Lockerpoint B.V. (Lockerpoint) we like to keep things simple. Please read our terms and conditions. By booking or using one of our lockers you agree to abide by our terms and conditions as follows.

Article 1 - Booking online

  • Lockers can be booked for up to 10 consecutive days at
  • The reservation is only considered complete after Lockerpoint has received your payment and you have received a confirmation email with details of your reservation from Lockerpoint
  • Up to 7 days before the intended use, your reservation can be altered once at no charge. Any additional changes are charged at 8.50 EUR per change
  • Reservations can be cancelled with an administrative charge of 8.50 EUR

Article 2 - Use of lockers

  • We have different sized lockers. Please make sure your chosen locker accommodates all your luggage
  • A locker is rented from 1 to 10 days (1 day = 24 hours)
  • For reserved lockers, the rental period will begin at the time the locker is reserved for, or earlier if the locker has already been taken for use
  • Lockers can be accessed during the rental period, but will be considered to have been vacated if the door is open for longer than 15 minutes
  • Do not leave identity papers (e.g., passports) or travel documents in the locker
  • Each locker has its own 220v charging point. Lockerpoint accepts no responsibility for any damage when using these charging points
  • Make sure the locker is properly locked after depositing your luggage
  • Please follow any instructions from the manager
  • Please treat these lockers with respect and leave them in the condition you find them

Article 3 - Late or non-collection of luggage

  • If your rental term expires before you collect your luggage, you will have to pay for additional rental time before the locker is opened
  • Lockerpoint’s opening times may vary, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the unit’s opening hours. You will not be able to access your locker after closing time
  • Lockerpoint will remove any items left in a locker 3 days after the expiry of the hire period, unless the locker has been reserved for several days. Left luggage can be picked up by appointment. In addition to the extra hire charge, an additional EUR 50 will be charged for storage and administration
  • All removed luggage will be stored for 1 month and then disposed of

Article 4 - Safety & Liability

  • No animals, or prohibited or dangerous products can be stored in the lockers
  • Lockerpoint reserves the right to check the contents of lockers at any time
  • The locker user is responsible for any damage caused (e.g., to the lockers or luggage)
  • When booking a locker, Lockerpoint can send a voucher with the transaction and locker details to you
  • Should you lose and/or forget your locker details, Lockerpoint will only open the locker after first identifying you as the locker user. The cost of this service is EUR 17.50
  • If you believe your locker details are known to a third party you need to inform Lockerpoint immediately
  • If you believe you have had something stolen, or your luggage or locker has been tampered with, you need to report it straight away to Lockerpoint
  • Lockerpoint does not accept any responsibility for any damage unless intentional and gross negligence can be proved against the company. In such cases Lockerpoint will compensate to a maximum of 500 EUR per locker. Any consequential damage is not the responsibility of Lockerpoint
  • The use of Lockerpoint lockers is entirely at your own risk. Title 9 of book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code does not apply

Article 5 - Use of Data

  • Lockerpoint may ask for personal data. This data will not be used for marketing purposes but to improve our services such as ensuring locker details and data reach you safely. We cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or damage resulting from false or incorrect information
  • Camera images and personal data can be passed to the police in the event of any misunderstanding